Welcome to the Tópark Home Design! 


The history of ourcompany dates back to 1998-2006, when we operated an interior design center on thousands of square meters as our own company in MOM Park, Mammut, Budaörs and Max City.
Our philosophy is elegance and quality, which we endeavor to strengthen with experience, innovation and creativity.
During design and construction work we focus on client's needs. (wish)
Our mission is to be a reliable partners of ourclient's in the long run.
Our company under takes complete planning and execution of hotels, catering establishments, diplomatic offices until the turnkey status.
We dream and tailor our ideas to your needs.
We distribute the products of more than 120 Italian companies and importing by ourselves.
We offer a beneficial and unique price for the projects.
Our young, dynamic team of interior designers coordinates the right product selection of a friendly, cozy interior.
Our profile and service enable or the design and construction of the interior to be fully realized.
With the help of our Italian quality furniture collections we assemble unique pieces based on your thoughts.
The Italian Aster kitchen furniture manufacturer also Italian Uffix office furniture manufacturer and not least the Toplinea company help us.

About us